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Tactical, real-time contact center management
and performance monitoring
Difficult sales, fraud attempts, unsatisfactory agent and contact center performance, high SLA requirements… these are among the many challenges facing contact center supervisors every day.
Optimal Results through Real-time
Contact Center Management
A NAV’s tactical abilities enable contact center supervisors to assure optimal outcome in every interaction, regardless of communication medium, while remaining true to both customers’ and their organizations’ best interests.   The solution combines real-time updates on a broad range of Avaya contact center parameters and performance indicators with CRM, ERP, Billing and other corporate data, continuously notifying supervisors of developing challenges, and providing them with the information they need to optimally resolve any interaction scenario.
A NAV’s centralized and highly personalized browser interface contributes to enhanced comprehension of and rapid reaction to a broad range of customer- and interaction-critical variables.
ANAV Report Customization: The ANAV Reporting Studio allows you to design customized reports and dashboard layouts. An Intuitive and easy to use User Interface simplifies the report customization process and enables you to deploy customized reports within minutes.
Tactical, real-time contact center management and performance monitoring
Agent dashboard for performance enhancement
Visual Contact Analyzer for in-depth contact center intelligence and insight
Social Media Gateway
Transforming social media public relations challenges into sales and service opportunities
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NAV360° UC
Meticulously engineered to complement Avaya"s Aura platform, NAV360° UC integrates and centralizes the management of a broad range of unified communication systems and resources.
Social Media Gateway
Empower customer-facing organizations by enabling contact center personnel to proactively engage and effectively address potentially harmful social media communication.
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